Here’s why this $80/day campaign has not been touched since day 1.

Joshua Zamora and I have been very vocal about the results we’re obtaining with this lead generation campaign. 4 weeks went into building a relationship with these people before selling anything.

When the campaign was setup, I found 16 interests, split them into individual ad sets, set to $5/day, added 3 ads per ad set to test, and let it go. The only changes since have been to turn off losing ads.

When you have a campaign that’s winning from the beginning, most people take a campaign from $5/day to $100/day and there’s nothing wrong with that.

With some industries or product, that works incredibly well (especially e-commerce), but in some industries I’ve noticed the drastic budget jump kills conversions.

In this example, I noticed a winner and didn’t touch it. Why? Because, historically, this niche has negative effects when scaling fast. If I started the ad sets at $20/day, they’d probably still be there. Instead, they’re all at $5/day and the only changes I’ll make are adding more interests to test (for now).

Also, I noticed in some industries that Desktop still outperforms Mobile. For example, in IM it depends on the interests targeted. In Real Estate, I see more mobile activity. In Coaching, I see more desktop activity. This is from my own experiments and does not reflect the entire industry, but knowing this has helped with scaling specific interests AND placements.

Breakdown your data, experiment with budget increases, monitor your scalable performance, and have fun…oh…and profit. =)