From $0 to $799K Revenue in 5 Months with Webinars and $48K in Ad Spend

This is one hell of an experiment! So I’ve been working with a client since April 2016 that had a very inconsistent webinar process.

What do I mean by that? He barely ran webinars for his own stuff or relevant offers as an affiliate. I instantly saw an opportunity.

What you see is 14 different campaigns in 1 ad account. The red boxes emphasize the campaigns that were HUGE winners not just with lower cost registrations, but overall revenue production.

Here’s a breakdown of 5 months of data:

  • Revenue: $799,038.89 (not including recurring)
  • Ad Spend: $47,939.22 (as of 9/1/16)
  • Webinar Registrations: 9,360
  • Cost Per Registration: $5.12
  • Website Clicks: 30,391
  • Cost Per Website Click: $1.58
  • Website Click CTR: 1.73%
  • Women: 35% of all registrations
  • Men: 63% of all registrations
  • Mobile: 58% of registrations
  • Desktop: 39% of registrations
  • Right Hand Column: 3% of registrations

Campaigns were done in phases for audience targeting:

  • Phase 1: Email custom audiences + broad interests
  • Phase 2: Email custom audiences + website custom audiences + broad interests
  • Phase 3: Email custom audiences + website custom audiences + lookalike audiences + broad interests
  • Phase 4: Email custom audiences + website custom audiences + lookalike audiences

I’m sure some of you are thinking…”David, why did you stop using broad interests?”

We got to a point where lookalikes are converting so well (1-3% lookalikes split by audience type and location) that we rarely use broad interests anymore.

Using this webinar system, the client grew their fan page from 0 to 2000+ likes in the first 3 months (and continues to grow).

Based on the numbers above, each webinar produces 600-700 registrations, $3,424 in ad spend, $57,074 in revenue on average. Not a bad return, right?

The webinar product is broken down into 3 phases: pre-webinar, live webinar, and post webinar. Within each phase, certain pages and ads are deployed throughout the process, and each webinar improves over time.

Let me ask you this:

How would you like my someone to handle all of this webinar system for you? A complete done-for-you solution.

We’re talking setup of registration pages, confirmation pages, replay pages, follow up systems, integration, JV pages, advertising, managing the live webinar and Q&A, etc.?

If this interests you, simply PM me and I’d be happy to chat about getting you started with a webinar system created just for you.

Otherwise, hope you enjoyed this case study. 😉